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Home Roof Types

Roofing System Types

Understanding the type of roof your home or building has is extremely important to choosing the type of roofing system that will work best. In general, a roof should do more than keep the water out. A roof is there to protect the top of your home and to keep things energy efficient. Most outdated roofs are colored or rusted, leading to not only leaks but they are not UV Protected, allowing the sun to heat the roof to extreme conditions.

Choosing The Best Roofing System

As highly experienced roofing contractors, we know what works best with any home or building. The following types of roofing systems will give you a better idea of the types of roofs we have handled and are experienced with. While any of our roofing materials can be used in roofing, these products in specific can be equipped for commercial, residential, or both roofing uses. If you are unsure of which system will work best for your project, contact us today for a free estimate or to receive an inspection of your roof.

Roofing System Types

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